DJ-Styling Mixing Board        


July 21, 2015

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if designers used DJ mixing boards to create designs with their computer? Well, it is now possible all due to Palette. Calvin Chu, a designer, created the snap-together mixing board that connects over USB cables to control creative applications via computer – and this includes Adobe Creative Suite.


These mixing boards allow designers to be hands-on that translates to the work that they are creating on a computer screen. The dial, slider and button modules on the mixing boards can be snapped together (32 modules total) into a central unit that connects to the computer – allowing the applications to be used.


Palette is built to work with applications already in the computer, along with non-audio apps. For example, our designers here at Beyond Design use a multitude of different programs to complete projects for our clients. These modules will allow designers to dial for saturation, slide to adjust the hue and push a button to select a tool all in Photoshop instead of using a mouse.


Chu explains that taking the fundamental building blocks of interfaces and putting them together for anything is beneficial for designers and those who use these programs on a daily basis for work purposes. This mixing board is a natural fit for designers and those who use the creative platforms, providing them an expressive way to design and create, while doing it in a fun and unique way.


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