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Ovie Smarterware

March 6, 2018

With the Home + Housewares Show quickly approaching this weekend, we’re excited about Ovie Smarterware – a unique and effective take on classic Tupperware and perfect for the kitchen.  The Chicago based start up designed a solution to help wasteful consumers save money and get creative with aging food. Chinese leftovers, home cooked meals, fruits and vegetables only last so long in your refrigerator.

With Ovie you can tag these items with indicators that let you know how fresh (or inedible) they are. The tiny pods affix to Ovie Tupperware, bands, and clamps. Depending on the freshness of the food the SmartTags beam a coordinating color:

– Green: freshly tagged
– Yellow: still great but don’t wait
– Red: too late (don’t risk the food poisoning)

Tag what you want. Finish what you love.

Being able to prioritize your food means you can make the most of your leftovers. With the Ovie app you’ll get a notification about what is nearing the end of it’s fridge life and even curates recipes according to the ingredients you already have (and what needs to be used ASAP).

Dinner is already in the fridge. Ovie will help you find it. 

Ovie’s initiative is to reduce food waste and give back to those committed to that shared goal. “Americans waste 31 million pounds of food every year costing families around $2,000 and wasting precious environmental resources. We created Ovie Smarterware to help solve this problem.  Eating the food we already have is just one piece of the puzzle to reducing food waste. A lot of organizations are working to make an impact on this and we’re excited about that. Ovie is a member of Pledge 1% – we’ve committed to give 1% of our profits and our time to combating food waste and food insecurity around the world.”

For more information on Ovie Smarterware, visit their website and join the pre-launch here.  If you’re at the Houseware Show at McCormick Place this weekend keep an eye out for more innovative kitchenware and, of course, the Beyond team! We’ll be presenting at the Smart Talks panel on Saturday at 12:30. See you at the show!

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