NYC Subways Go Digital with Touch Screen Kiosks that feature Real-Time Information

April 1, 2013

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New York’s Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) partnered with design firm Control Group to create a system of touch-screen kiosks that features all sorts of real-time information you might need to navigate the city via subway, including delays, outages, transfers, countdown to train arrivals, neighborhood maps, etc. The system will eventually replace subway maps and is being launched in 90 locations around the city this year.

After reading about the system, the most impressive aspect seems to be its one-tap navigation system. You simply tap your intended destination and the map will draw your route. Each system is a 47-inch touch screen with a waterproof enclosure to make it possible to clean regularly. The devices will also offer Wi-Fi, video cameras, and mics to enable even more data collection.

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“We can’t provide Internet for everybody,” says Control Group Partner Colin O’Donnell, “but we can allow interactivity on the platform.”

You can read more about the new system on Fast Company’s site here.

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