Nissan Develops the First Ever Self-Healing iPhone Case

January 24, 2012

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I’m sure everyone has had the experience of dropping their cell phone at one point or another. If you have an iPhone, we all know how bad its exterior can react to a fall. Nissan (yes, the car company) just developed the first ever Scratch Shield iPhone case. The case works like magic—it uses self-healing paint that actually repairs scratches all by itself, changing back to its original form. It features a polyrotaxane-based paint that can cover small scratches in as little as an hour. They have already been using it on Japanese mobile phones, but are now looking to broaden the use to other mobile devices and possibly more products. It’s an idea driven by new technology and shows how manufacturers of different fields can influence other industries.

The Nissan Scratch Shield isn’t on sale yet, as they are still testing the product, but they hope to release it later this year. You can read more on the story here. Very cool idea.

Submitted by: Jung Chei, Industrial Designer

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