Nike Zoom Superfly Elite        

Nike Introduces their Track Shoes for the 2016 Olympics

July 26, 2016

Unleash the Zoom Superfly Elite track shoe by Nike for this year’s Olympics in Rio. These latticed spiked plate track shoes have performance benefits like no other and can shave down a runner’s 100-meter dash time by more than tenth of a second – which could turn the caboose into a gold medalist winner.


With everything in one piece (the spikes aren’t screwed in), the cells shrink and surround the outsides and arch of the foot – expanding the ball and heel areas. The webbed structure of the shoes doesn’t have a specific unit of measurement, which helps form around each unique foot shape. It took four years to develop software and a 3-D printed prototype – which was completed in a Nike Sports Research Lab.


The new plate is half the weight – 61 grams from the last plate which was 118 and is four times as stiff. When you’re a sprinter, the best thing that you could do is have stiff running shoes. It allows for reduction of the amount of energy lost where the pad of your foot meets the base of your toe. This improves sprinting and jumping for an athlete.


Computational design, or better known as algorithmic design is the perfect way to develop and design a lighter and stronger structure – while the software can easily take the goals of the problem and optimize both at the same time.


This is an amazing performance advantage for those that eat, sleep and breath track and field.

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