NHL + Go-Pros        

NHL Players Allowed to Use GoPros

February 10, 2015

Hockey is a sport that enforces a lot of movement on the ice and a lot of times, viewers at home don’t get the chance to see a move or a goal because it happens so quickly. Well, that has been recently changed due to GoPro. GoPro just signed a deal with the National Hockey League (NHL) to have players attach wearable cameras on their helmets so viewers can see a different perspective, more like players and referees.

As an addition to the deal, footage that was taken from the GoPros from players, referees and around the rink, was part of the broadcast of the All-Star events. At a later date, pre-recorded footage from the players will be incorporated into TV broadcasts of hockey games.

“Game broadcasts will use the content to provide deeper layers of storytelling and to showcase the skating, stickhandling, goal scoring and net minding skills of some of the biggest names in the NHL,” the NHL stated in a news release.

We love the idea of having GoPros attached to hockey players and seeing the experience that they get while being on the ice. GoPros are a great tool to capture the essence of an activity, whether it be a sporting event or researching consumer insight on a particular topic.

To learn more about GoPros and their partnership with the NHL, please click here.

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