New Year, New Logo

September 4, 2015

Google. We all know it, and we all use it. The search engine has allowed us not to only “google” things we want to know but also interact with maps, search bars, checking Gmail and the use of other Google products out there. It was only time till they introduced a new and fresh logo – and people are loving it. It is synonymous with the notion that we’re humans, not machines, in the world of technology.

The new logo preserves the same four colors – blue, red, yellow, blue, green, red sequence, but the font has changed. Google decided to go with a font called Product Sans, inspired by schoolbook lettering. They also introduced a four-color ‘G’ icon that is accessible on smartphones. It is described as simple, friendly and approachable. In today’s world, it’s all about simplifying – and being user-friendly. Due to smartphones, tablets and gadgets, Google is accessible everywhere.

Below are a series of logos that Google has created in the past.


The initial logo looks like clip-art – with no color sequence yet.


Next, Google played around with some fonts and color schemes that would enhance the logo.


From 1998 to 1999, the company played around with different fonts and even added an exclamation point! And this is where the color sequence was born.


In 2000, Google got rid of the exclamation point and chose to incorporate a slimmer font type.


In 2010, the logo is the same, but with less of a shadow behind the letters.


Flat logo – this is what we have known for the past few years when we type into our web browsers.


16 years later after Google was founded, this is the new logo. And no one can seem to get enough of it.

Google users are being guiding seamlessly from using one product to the next. And the new logo creates an emotional connection to the website, looking more youthful, creative and fun. The colors created this charm that makes users love Google, making it the most popular search engine around. Google, you have done a fascinating job re-creating yourselves.

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