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A New Way to Light Up Your Products

October 23, 2014

In the design world, when we hear about a new technology that can influence the look or feel of products, we are instantly intrigued. So, it was no surprise that when we first read about Lumilor™ paint technology – we wanted to hear more.

Darkside Scientific, a research and development company that specializes in electroluminescent (EL) coating technologies, has invented a way to spray on EL using standard HVLP paint guns that are in use in any professional paint application shop. EL is a characteristic of a material that enables it to emit light in response to an electrical field. So, in other words, this patented coating glows when a current is applied to it. It responds instantly and can be wired for any number of effects, including strobing, sound activation and sequencing to provide animated patterns.

Lumilor on a motorcycle

One of the best parts of this system is that since it is water-based, you can load it up into any paint spraying airbrush and spray away. The paint can be applied to nearly anything – metal, wood, plastic, glass and even flexible material such as vinyl. We can only imagine the possibilities for this type of application in nearly any industry – furniture designers, event planners, interior designers, architects and even theater or movie sets. Lumilor™ allows you to emit light from a product of your choice without changing its form or function. It is flexible to nearly a full 180 degree bend. Very cool.

Lumilor on a Tesla

Once the power is turned off, surfaces coated with Lumilor™ return to their normal appearance. The application is available in a number of colors and has been used on motorcycles, helmets, cars (a Tesla model is shown above), clothing and other areas where nighttime visibility is a must. We could see this type of application being especially useful for improved safety on runways. The potential is nearly limitless.

You can learn more about Lumilor™ in the video below, or check out their website here.

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