DIY + Halloween        

A New Way to Dress Up for Halloween

October 30, 2014

Halloween is a popular holiday, where many kids and even adults dress up, planning their costumes months in advance. There’s always a chance though that last minute costumes need to be decided for those who wait till the very end. Well, wait no further. Steve Wintercroft has a downloadable solution for those who want to get something together but have little or no time. Welcome, the DIY cardboard humanoid masks. These masks are sold as templates, with instructions for building them from cardboard material.


However, those who choose to use this as a costume will have to have patience, talent and artistic design to pull this off. The designs range from lions, tigers and bears to a human skull or a pumpkin head. When you purchase the download, it comes with printable patterns in a PDF and instructions for creation. DIY’ers should allow 3 hours to complete their cardboard mask, but Wintercroft says that it’s easy to understand and put together.



This is a “dude, I want this” item. Happy Halloween.

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