Light + Interactivity        

A New Innovative Idea for Wallpaper

December 19, 2014

Most of us know what it’s like to go shopping for a picture frame to put in a room at our house or apartment. However, decorating your place couldn’t be any easier now. Lighting Wallpaper are ultra slim tiles that you can connect together and easily install onto any wall surface. Soft light is produced from the wallpaper to bring ambiance into any room, emphasizing the architectural character of your place. The light illuminates an entire room, making cluttered items like lamps and chandeliers not needed.


Lighting Wallpaper is simple, clever and couldn’t be any more modern. This design fits in perfectly with how our world loves to be modern, along with providing functionality, technology and beauty. It creates a sense of serenity, but also provides the essentials that we need on a daily basis. For being an item into the future, it can be placed perfectly in bedrooms, bathrooms, conference rooms, lobbys, bars/restaurants, etc.



Currently, the first prototype has been released, along with working towards bringing this unique and creative design to the market. Sales teams, designers and production managers are working together to bring this creation to life for the public. We think that this design can bring the world a fresh and new way to produce light into our favorite places, along with being aesthetically conscious to all different likes. To see more, click here.

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