New Gadgets and Technology at the Home + Housewares Show 2012

March 16, 2012

Each year at the Home + Housewares Show, there are more and more unique gadgets and tools for the kitchen and home from both independent inventors and small companies. While walking the show floor at McCormick Place, we came across the Blossom Trivet, a unique kitchen gadget that first caught our eye for its vibrant color and distinctive shape. The Blossom opens to become a rectangle, a square coaster, or a hot pad. You are able to place one blossom inside another, or stack them on top of each other to create a colorful centerpiece or decoration for a vase. Even when it stands alone, the Blossom makes a decorative flower-like shape for your tabletop. We especially liked this product for the number of creative ways you can use it.

The Blossom is the latest gadget to debut from Spice Rachet Mills, an innovative kitchenware company based in Alaska. It’s made from silicone, so it’s insulating and will protect your countertop and tabletops from heat and scratches. The product received a 2012 IHA Innovation Award in the Tabletop category. You can learn more about the product here.

We also came across the Blueair’s booth, the world’s leading maker of indoor air purifiers, and were able to see their launch of the Blueair Sense air purifier. The product uses an interactive motion sensitive tempered glass on the top of the air purifier to control air cleaning speeds (rather than a knob or buttons). We liked this design for its simplicity and classy look. It comes in a range of colors as well (see photo below) to match best with your home’s décor.

Swedish architects, Claesson Koivisto Rune (CKR), who designed the product, say, “When designing an industrially manufactured product such as an air purifier we make use of our experience from the worlds of architecture and furniture design. After all, like a traditional piece of furniture, the air purifier will end up in a room and therefore take part in an architectural context. So we want to approach the design accordingly.” (from

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