NestCam Releases their Outdoor Camera

July 15, 2016

For all those technology lovers out there that want to keep an eye around their homes, there is a solution. NestCam just released their outdoor camera and it is a pretty sweet product. While being in the development stages for quite a while, the rebranded version is now for pre-sale and joining their camera line. Considering that most cameras are placed or pointed in the outside direction, Nest figured this would be the perfect addition to the brand. With the camera lens on the flat side, it is set behind a glass cover which can shoot 1080p video.


The outdoor camera is set to run 24/7 that is completely weatherproof and designed to live outdoors. Equipped with a 25 foot power cable, the first half ends in a USB plug that can connect to the AC/DC converter, which can then run to a traditional two-prong outlet. And not to worry, all video is stored in a cloud – accessible to the account owner if anything happens to the camera.


The NestCam can also record sound through the downward-facing microphone – letting users speak through it to see why a person is at their front door. And it has a 130-degree field of view that works just as well at night. Lighting up the entire outdoor is not a problem.


The notifications will arrive via Android – with thumbnail images to view. Apple iOS will support similar notifications for those users. A favorite feature is Private Sharing – which allows users to share the live stream with their family, friends and even neighbors.

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