NeoCon 2023: A Showcase of Innovative Products Redefining Design

June 28, 2023

NeoCon, the renowned commercial design trade show, returned to Chicago, IL in 2023, bringing together industry professionals and design enthusiasts for an immersive experience. The event showcased a multitude of groundbreaking products that push the boundaries of design, sustainability, and functionality. In this blog, Beyond Design will highlight some of the standout products that stole the spotlight at NeoCon 2023, leaving a lasting impression on attendees and shaping the future of commercial design.

The Climate Work Station System by Schiavello

Schiavello unveiled their Climate Workstation System, winning a Sustainability Award and stealing the show. The furniture system is a sustainable and adaptable solution for modern workspaces. It combines ergonomic design with eco-conscious materials, featuring adjustable height options and personalized configurations. The system is built with responsibly sourced timber and recyclable components, reducing its environmental impact.

Smart connectivity features and optimal accessories enhance functionality and user experience. The Climate Workstation System embodies the integration of sustainability, flexibility, and technology in creating productive and eco-friendly work environments.

Allora Poufs by the Dauphin HumanDesign Group

Winning an Innovation Award, the Dauphin HumanDesign Group showcased their Allora Poufs, a stylish and versatile seating solution for modern spaces. These poufs are designed with a focus on comfort and functionality, providing flexible seating options that can be easily arranged to suit various environments.

The Allora Poufs feature high-quality materials and craftsmanship, enduring durability and longevity. With their contemporary design and customizable upholstery options, they add a touch of sophistication to any setting. Whether used in lounge areas, collaborative spaces, or waiting rooms, the Allora Poufs from Dauphin HumanDesign Group brings both comfort and aesthetic appeal to the forefront.

The Yurei Co-Working Light by Koncept Inc.

The Yurei Co-Working Light by Koncept Inc. is a game-changer in the realm of co-working spaces. Winning a Gold Award for NeoCon 2023, this innovative lighting solution is designed to enhance productivity and well-being. It features advanced lighting controls, including adjustable color temperature and brightness settings, allowing users to personalize their lighting environment.

With its sleek and minimalist design, this light seamlessly integrates into modern workspaces. Additionally, it incorporates energy-efficient LED technology, ensuring long-lasting performance while minimizing energy consumption. The Yurei Co-Working Light by Koncept Inc. is a must-have for those seeking a functional and aesthetically pleasing light solution in their co-working environments.

The BlockO Chair by Vetrom Oy

Ventrom Oy showcased their BlockO Chair this year at NeoCon, a revolutionary seating solution that combines sleek design with ergonomic comfort. Created by an innovative design team, this chair offers a unique geometric shape and clean lines, adding a modern touch to any space. The BlockO chair features a contoured seat and backrest, providing optimal support and promoting a healthy sitting posture.

Its versatile design allows for easy stacking and storage, making it ideal for multi-purpose areas or environments with limited space. With its combination of style and functionality, the BlockO chair is a standout choice for those seeking a contemporary seating option that prioritizes both aesthetics and comfort.

Ascend WallCovering Collection by Astek

The Ascend Wallcovering Collection by Astek is a captivating and transformative range that elevates interior spaces with its artistic designs and high-quality craftsmanship. This collection showcases a diverse array of patterns, textures, and colors, offering endless possibilities for creating stunning feature walls and accentuating architectural elements.

From bold geometric patterns to intricate botanical motifs, each design in the Ascend collection exudes elegance and sophistication. Crafted with attention to detail, these wall coverings are not only visually striking, but also durable and easy to maintain. With the Ascend collection, Astek delivers a true testament to the power of wall coverings in transforming spaces into works of art.

Bjelin Hardened Wood Class 33

Winning a Silver Award for both form and function, the Bjelin Hardened Wood Class 33 is a remarkable flooring solution that brings together durability, beauty, and sustainability. This innovative product is crafted using a unique hardening process that strengthens the wood fibers, making it highly resistant to wear, scratches, and impacts.

The Class 33 rating ensures its suitability for high-traffic commercial environments. With a wide range of finishes and styles available, Bjelin Hardened Wood Class 33 offers versatility and aesthetic appeal, complementing various design schemes. Moreover, the use of sustainably sourced wood and environmentally friendly manufacturing practices makes it an excellent choice for those seeking eco-conscious flooring options.

Katonah Architectural Hardware

Katonah Architectural Hardware offers a range of exceptional door knob products that seamlessly blend style, functionality, and craftsmanship. With meticulous attention to detail, their door knobs are meticulously designed to enhance the aesthetics of any space.

From contemporary to classic styles, Katonah offers a diverse selection of door knobs, allowing customers to find the perfect match for their design preferences. Crafted from high-quality materials, these door knobs are built to withstand everyday use while maintaining their elegance. Whether it’s for residential or commercial applications, Katonah Architectural Hardware’s door knobs provide a finishing touch that adds both beauty and functionality to any door.

From sustainable workstations to intelligent lighting systems and ergonomic seating solutions, the products displayed at NeoCon 2023 demonstrated a commitment to functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability. Beyond Design can’t wait to check out more innovative solutions at NeoCon 2024.

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