NBA Shot Clock        

NBA Introduced their New Smart Shot Clock

July 12, 2016

The National Basketball Association – or better known as the NBA is teaming up with Tissot, a Swiss watchmaker company, to design, develop and update the popular shot clock that is seen at all basketball games. The new clock is a think, transparent panel with a multitude of new features – including LED lights, controlled touchscreen and even allows firmware updates.

With a hodgepodge of technology systems by Daktronics and OES, they’re bulky, old school and look like cash registers. With 87 systems being offered, three will be in each arena. One system will be deployed for the entire league, which will be able to allow updates, patches and new features.


Once new technology is offered, the NBA will take advantage of it – making it a lot easier to implement in all arenas. The LED lights will be mounted inside the transparent glass, which for those sitting behind the post will be able to see those taking shots for when the shot clock is not on.


Debuting in 1954, the rule of having 24 seconds to attempt a shot that hits the rim was in full effect for the NBA. The reason for this was to prevent a team from building a lead and then holding onto the ball for an extended period of time.


After a year of development, Tissot will be able to deliver the new shot clocks. A series of testing and different technologies were attempted before choosing the right solution – which will benefit the association. Not to mention, the clocks were subjected to a rough number of hits, dunks and different stress tests to see if they could live up to the challenge of being on a basketball court.

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