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NBA League Pass Gets Mobile

October 25, 2016

NBA Digital announced just last week that they will be streaming one live game per week in a VR-optimized experience. Pretty cool. However, that’s not the only thing that is available. Subscribers to the NBA League Pass, Team Pass and those that just want to see a single game will be able to use a feature called “mobile view” for each game. This provides a tighter zoom on the court and makes the game better on both phones and tablets.


Entire games will be shot with a separate camera for each game to optimize the view on a smartphone and/or tablet. The best part being that the camera will stick with the ball-handler like sticky putty. More than 70% of streamed NBA games are accessible via mobile platforms, and NBA League Pass just launched in China as well. With millions of new streamers, the expansion has become a first choice behind TV viewing.



NBA Digital believes it makes total sense to invest in live coverage of all games for streamers, as they are beyond embracing technology to the fullest. This will lead the pack for followers to join the same efforts.

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