National Hardware Show 2022 Recap

April 11, 2022

Beyond Design is excited to present some of the most interesting and innovative products, both in design and function, from the 2022 National Hardware Show hosted in Las Vegas. With over 700 exhibitors, there were a ton of products to choose from, but we want to share some of our favorites. NHS delivers new products, connections, and experiences each year, and being able to see innovations in new and existing products gives us a clearer understanding of the ever changing World and how these changes impact consumer trends and needs in the Hardware and Home Improvement Industry.

No. 1 – Rite In The Rain

In the age of increasing climate change, now more than ever, scientists out in the field researching new patterns in the climate, whether it’s in the rainforests of the Pacific North West or the extreme cold in the Arctic, the needs for note taking is essential. In these extreme weather conditions, paper is the best option for documenting information that can be used to spread knowledge of the devastating consequences of global warming.

Rite In The Rain is an American company that makes all-weather products, including very impressive notebooks with paper that is able to stay safe through rain, snow, sweat, mud, and grime. For those who caught cabin fever during the pandemic and have taken advantage of exploring nature, take the Rite In The Rain notebook with you to document all the amazing experiences the beautiful wild has to offer.

No. 2 – Schatzii Hugo 3-in-1 Air Purifier

At the Schatzii exhibit, the Hugo 3-in-1 Air Purifier showed up the increasing amount of air purifiers coming to marketing during the pandemic. Why is it so special? It does not only purify the air in your home or office space, but it is also an air sterilizer and the most innovative part yet, take the Hugo outside and it will catch mosquitos and insects for a comfortable summer night. A sleek design and multi-functioning, this product will become a staple in the Hardware and Home Improvement Industry.

No. 3 – Freedom Fliers FeedEZ

For all bird lovers alike, there is a sense of joy watching them fly up to the birdhouse for feeding time. Hanging birdhouses and being able to refill the house from a tree is easy, but what about the birds who like to fly high? Well Free Fliers has a solution to that and they call their inventive product the FeedEZ.

As a new invention that simplifies feeding birds at new heights, the FeedEZ attaches to a flagpole and is lifted by the same mechanism as hoisting a flag. While the main function initially was to be used as a bird feeder, Freedom Fliers also discovered that the product can be used for hanging flower baskets, garden ornaments, or windchimes.

No. 4 – DuraMax Sheds

During the pandemic, sheltering in place become a new norm but leaves families facing space constraints. Even with a bigger home, a family all in one place, working, taking care of children and pets, and trying to live a normal lifestyle, there are still issues within the confines of their homes.

However, for those who are lucky enough to have backyard space, DuraMax Sheds are a new trend that has become increasingly popular as a solution for extra space. This product offers a fast and inexpensive option for more space or storage and best yet, the sheds are environmentally friendly and designed to last a lifetime.

No. 5 – O.M.E Gear Wanderr

At the O.M.E exhibit, an innovative, first-of-its-kind product stole the show. The Wanderr is a multi-functional outdoor recreational product that transforms from a cart to a lower beach chair, a higher field/camping chair, and a reclinable lounger. The Wanderr is truly perfect for outdoor activities and not only lightens your load, but features non air-filled wheels that roll easily on any terrain. We were impressed to say the least.

No. 6 – EcoFlow

Two EcoFlow products, the Delta Pro and Delta Max portable power stations did not fail to attract attendees at NHS this year. The product lineup features technology that offers users clean, quiet, and renewable power for indoor and outdoor use.

Impressively, the EcoFlow Delta Pro was named in TIME’s 100 Best Innovations in 2021 in the Sustainability category. Stay powered in any environment with the EcoFlow portable power stations that come in great use for professional work, emergency preparedness, and outdoor recreation. Products like these really create meaningful and innovative solutions for all kinds of consumers.

No. 7 – Hangman Products Inc.

Hangman Products Inc is a USA manufacturer of hanging solutions. Since the company was founded in 1999 with the mission to reinvent picture hanging, the vision has expanded to consumer electronics accessories such as a no-stud TV mount and home decor.

The TV mount even works in outdoor spaces with an installation that requires no studs or anchors and can install into any surface in just minutes. Going back to Hangman Product’s roots, the Push and Hang picture hanging tool is just as impressive. This innovative product allows you to hang art in seconds with no tools needed, installing two nails at the same time, perfectly level and even every time.

No. 8 – GRABO by Nemo

The GRABO by Nemo makes heavy lifting easy. This innovative product is a powerful electric vacuum suction cup that is designed to grab almost any surface to lift objects with ease. The GRABO is battery powered and portable, acting as a replace for suction cups, the former way to lift heavier material, such as large format tiles with smooth or patterned/uneven surfaces, woods, metals, and more.

This amazing product can lift up to a whipping 375 lbs and can work with dry, rough, and porous materials. Of course a product such as this is trusted by leading industry professionals and is great for DIY individuals as well.

No. 9 – Quick Dam

With the unfortunate natural disasters happening around the World today, including extreme and dangerous flooding, innovative products such as the Quick Dam products, will become increasingly crucial to areas that are seeing these tragic floods. Their Flood Bags and Barriers are waster-activated and are USA made alternatives to sandbags.

These innovative products contain a super absorbent polymer powder that when comes in contact with water, the bags and barriers swell and creates a barrier to the flooding water. Not only are these products impressively innovative, they are crucial to homes and neighborhoods that are prone to flooding.

No. 10 – Angel-GUARD Products

At the Angel-GUARD exhibit this year, attendees were able to see the SnoBrum as well as the new Mobile RoofBrum. If you live in a place with snowy winters, the Beyond Design team being amongst those here in Chicago, brushing off your car is an essential task if you want to drive anywhere.

The original SnoBrum is a foam snow broom which enables users to push snow off the entire surface of a vehicle without causing any harm to the finish. The exhibit also showed off their newest product, the Mobile RoofBrum, which is ideal to clear tall box trucks, high roof vans, trailers, and even solar panels. It features a supersized foam head and a 12 foot handle that can reach and completely clear a roof right from the ground.

That’s a wrap for the National Hardware Show 2022 Recap! As the World around us is changing constantly, Beyond Design is excited to see some of the newest innovations at next years show.

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