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National Hardware Show 2014 Highlights

May 21, 2014

The 2014 National Hardware Show in Las Vegas included countless products on display , spanning fifteen different categories. There was plenty to do and see throughout the three-day event. It also gave our team the opportunity to learn more from industry experts and see what is on the horizon in the hardware industry. Some of the products we found interesting are highlighted below.

UST Brands 30-Day Lantern
A new category this year is Emergency Preparedness & Disaster Recovery. As advances in technology make it easier to warn residents about natural disasters, it has created a niche for retailers who sell supplies geared toward both preparation and recovery. Products in this category include flashlights, generators, medical kits, water pumps, safety, solar products and more. One company that had their emergency preparedness products on display was Ultimate Survival Technologies (UST) Brands. One of their most popular products includes a 30-day lantern, which is unbreakable, compact and easy to store or hang wherever light is needed.

CompoClay is a cutting-edge, green material that has the ability to emulate everything from wood and metal to stone and ceramic without sacrificing safety and durability. The raw material – mainly made up of minerals, water and sand – is an alternative to the common hazardous materials, such as resin and polyurethane foam. CompoClay offers stylish, eco-friendly home accents, garden decor and architectural elements.


The Magna Cart™
The Magna Cart™, from WelCom Products, is rugged like a hand truck yet folds more compactly than most luggage carts — and is just 2 inches thick due to the retractable wheels. The Magna Cart™ opens instantly with the touch of one button, and can go wherever you need it. Use it at home to carry in the groceries, at the office to move heavy reams of paper, or on an overseas trip to help with multiple pieces of luggage. It is now available in bright colors for different users – adding a little fun to
a saturated market of black and silver.


Snapper® Snow Blower
Briggs & Stratton’s Snapper snow blower is the first to introduce a metal auger propelled drive system designed to crush ice and effortlessly remove snow. The unit is easy to maneuver and incorporates bright halogen lights that provide high visibility at night.


Glue Dots®
Glue Dots International (GDI) returned to the National Hardware Show this year with new, innovative adhesive products for the home. Glue Dots® are double-sided adhesives that bond instantly to virtually any surface making home improvement projects, repairs and décor quick and easy. New for 2014 are Glue Dots Double-Sided Tapes. Using a new hybrid technology, Glue Dots Double-Sided Tapes adhere to porous and textured surfaces for DIY projects, quick repairs and tough jobs. It bonds instantly to virtually any surface without ever having to touch the sticky tape.


DualTools is a unique brand that offers reciprocating tools such as a Dual Saw and Dual Sander. The revolutionary design of the DUAL TOOLS PS7000 Polisher/Sander has made quick work of making the job a lot smoother and easier. Its inner and outer pads rotate in opposite directions, giving you better control and eliminating kickback, scars, and swirl marks.


ExtremeBeam Flashlights
ExtremeBeam lights are made from a single billit of aluminum that is machined down to precision tolerances. Large heat sinks are designed to provide a secure grip and the internal reflector is machined from a solid piece of aluminum and polished to a class A surface. This material with the highly polished finish provides greater beam distance — 1,300-ft. to be exact.


Sentry Safe Safety Box
After many years away from the spotlight, Sentry Safe released their portable safety box designs. Constructed from blow-molded plastic with cement filled interior, these new designs have a more rugged appearance with the hex shaped pattern. The dark color incorporates flakes of metal to give a high quality perception.


Gloves, Gloves, Gloves
Gloves were everywhere at the show. With the rise of work related injuries due to lawsuits and workman’s comp, more employers are investing in high quality, specialized gloves. There were a wide variety of choices – from handling glass, cement or drywall, to those that protect against highly volatile chemicals. The gloves shown here incorporate venting to keep hands cooler when being used in particular environments.


Black & Decker Drill
This 20-volt MAX drill/driver from Black & Decker features AutoSense technology that automatically stops the tool when a screw is in place. It results in fewer stripped screws and less work surface damage.

Arrow Fastener PT50
The PT50 from Arrow Fastener is a lightweight stapler for construction and home repair projects. It has an overmold grip for comfort, adjustable exhaust cover and bump-fire capability.


The past couple of years, home DIY projects have continued to grow – and this year was no different. The show is a great place for sourcing, trading, and learning about the home improvement and DIY markets and products that are influencing these areas. We look forward to seeing what 2014 brings for the hardware industry and playing our role in bringing new products to market.

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