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Multiple Lense Camera Phones

November 15, 2018

Are 9 better than 1?


Light, the digital photography company, has been busy adding more and more lenses to their camera and developing a potential multi lens camera phone. Their 16 lens camera, the L16, takes 10 images, combines them, and creates a high-quality image than your smartphone would fall short of. It sells for $2,000 and is compact and durable, has a 52-megapixel resolution, a broad and optical zoom range (28 – 150 mm), and catches images at different exposure ranges concurrently.

It also features a 5 inch touch screen where the user can pinch to zoom and crop a photo. Verge explains the L16’s power and unique difference as, ” the L16 simulates all the focal lengths in between 28mm, 70mm, and 150mm by combining data from multiple camera modules. So instead of digitally zooming in on the 28mm image to make it look like it was shot at 40mm, it’s replicating that focal length by stitching images together on the fly. This is also why the quality of the L16’s images can be a notch better than that of a single smartphone camera. The L16’s results are slightly greater than the sum of its physical parts, all thanks to some really clever software.”

So what is new with Light and smartphones? The company is now experimenting with taking their multi-lens technology and engineering it to a smartphone. Right now their prototype can capture a 64-megapixel shot and has higher quality than the portrait capabilities we are seeing with Apple.  With more phone manufacturers developing products that take high quality, dazzling photos, Lights is ready to outshine with 9 lenses. The company is planning to announce a phone host as we near 2019.

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