Six Monkeys + Email        

Brendan Dawes Provides Life to E-mail

November 14, 2014

Don’t you just wish there was a way to turn off your email and not have anyone disturb you? Designer Brendan Dawes might just have the answer for us who would love to be disconnected from the technology world just for a bit, or look at e-mail in a completely different fashion. Flicking switches, twisting knobs and seeing glowing lights would make checking and answering e-mails that much more fun and exciting.

Dawes teamed up with MailChimp, creating six different appliances that allow users to check their e-mail in different ways. He is calling them the “Six Monkeys”, referring to the six chimpanzees that were used in linguistic research.

Ham is like a jewelry box for the most important emails you’ve ever received. When unlocked with a key, Ham will print off a copy of the original e-mail received so you can enjoy it for the once again first time.

Lana links your email to a physical keepsake, sending e-mails relating to your memories with that keepsake when you move it.

Lucy glows different colors when emails are sent. However, Lucy is a little different than the others, allowing a change of the color by knowing the contents of the e-mail by programming it to do so.

Nim is pretty similar to a light switch, just a flip of a button to turn your e-mail on and off.

Oliver starts at purple when your inbox has no e-mails and slowly starts to heat up when you receive emails, changing the color to red.

Sarah is comparable to the notification on a classic mailbox, flipping upright when you receive a special e-mail from that special someone.

To read more about this story on FastCo, click here or view individual videos of the “six monkeys” here.

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