A Summer Internship in Chicago        

Mike Lemon Joins Our Team for the Summer

May 29, 2014

We are excited to have Mike Lemon join our team for the summer. Mike is a junior at The Ohio State University and will be working closely with our designers on a number of different projects over the summer.

“I knew I wanted to study ID pretty early on, maybe sophomore year in high school when I heard about it for the first time. I was heavily involved with the art program at my high school, especially in the areas of sculpture, woodworking, and drafting. I’ve always been interested in how things work and how things make people feel. Given this, ID felt like a natural direction to go in.

The thing I love about industrial design is that it is everywhere you look. Most often I find inspiration in everyday experiences and interactions that I sort of mentally catalog – I don’t know when I’ll use it but a time usually comes along where it will come into play. That being said, I think my interests in music (playing and listening) and the outdoors also inform a lot of my ideas and concepts.

I really enjoy the multifaceted nature of ID in that on any given day I would feel comfortable sketching, working in CAD, hand model-making, or developing concepts. I think the beginning process of brainstorming and sketch ideation is perhaps the most exciting for me. Nothing feels better than 100 ideas bouncing back and forth between team members, rapidly shifting, developing and improving as the most compelling concepts take form in the span of a few hours. Refinement, iteration, and polish have their place of course but that first exploration is where it feels like anything can happen.”

After graduation, he hopes to start his career in a consultancy. He finds the variety of projects to be an exciting challenge and an opportunity for rapid growth in my skills and understanding of design.

“This is my first time in Chicago so I’m already enjoying the exploration of a new city. I’m looking forward to exploring the music scene and, as I’m a home brewer myself, the great breweries that Chicago has to offer!”

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