Microsoft’s First 3D Printing App Caters to Almost Anyone

November 19, 2013

While we, as designers, understand the concept of a 3D printer and the capabilities it has, not everyone is as knowledgeable about how it works (or even what it is). Microsoft has developed its first ever 3D printing application called 3D Builder, which is intended for crafty parents, kids, and pretty much anyone but the typical maker.

Printing the objects is no harder than pressing "print" (photo from

3D Builder displays a library of products to choose from (photo from

“We wanted to do something that was simple – that didn’t require any design expertise, CAD experience, or animation experience,” explains Shanen Boettcher, general manager at Microsoft’s Startup Business Group. “Anyone can walk up to the app and be successful in 3-D printing.”

3D Builder is a free software from Microsoft (photo from

You can select any object from their library of products and print it on a 3D printer. As more companies get involved in 3D Builder, we’re sure the app will have thousands of printable items within the next year. It’s a very cool concept for those who have zero design expertise and want to play with the new 3D printing technology. You can read more about 3D Builder here.

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