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MIAD Hosts Japanese Design Today 100

November 6, 2015

Looking into other cultures and their products can provide a specific insight into how consumers use everyday products in their lives. The Japanese Design Today 100 traveling exhibition can let viewers take a peek into 100 works that represent Japanese product design, ranging from innovative designs all the way to some that are more modern and practical.

On October 30th, Michael Prince was invited to share a capabilities presentation on Beyond Design at MIAD, but also to take part in viewing the exhibit, which he found fascinating.

Design Director, Shu Hagiwara, hosted a design lecture focusing on community and design for those who wanted to stick around for the exhibit. His contribution to the exhibit focuses on paper design, which there are pictures below to view.



“The composite or complex features of a product design reflect the culture of the people who create and use it,” said Hiroshi Kashiwagi, design critic and professor at Musashino Art University.


The designs feature 100 objects, 89 of them were created since 2010 and 11 objects were displayed that showcase Japanese post-war product design. All of the designs can be categorized into 10 groups: classic Japanese design, furniture and housewares, tableware and cookware, apparel and accessories, children, stationery, hobbies, healthcare, disaster relief and transportation.


The 100 pieces that are available to see in the exhibition are a well-rounded view of what contemporary Japanese culture displays. Some are considered high design of the estimated 20,000 products that the Japanese use in their daily routine.

This was a great opportunity for Michael to present to the students at MIAD, but also to participate in learning more about product design from different cultures. As a consultancy, we work with all different cultures and companies and this can offer us a better understanding into how we can build and grow with customers

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