mHUB's Holiday Gift Guide 2018        

mHUB’s Holiday Gift Guide 2018

December 17, 2018

mHUB released their 2018 Product Spotlight gift guide this week and our Cobra Dash Cam design made the list! We’ve been proud members of the manufacturing incubator since last year and were thrilled to see our Cobra Dash Cam design make their product spotlight.  Our veteran BD team member, Sean Kim (Director of UEX and Design) worked with our friends at Cobra to refresh their Dash Cam.

Cobra, a powerhouse in consumer electronics, specifically communication and detection products, sought out Beyond Design’s help to refresh their 8-Series Dash Cam. The Dash Cam was in need of a new design to catapult them to a position amongst more high end, luxury competitors, while still remaining a leader in the industry. The Dual View Dash Cam from Cobra provides complete coverage for everything from trips to the grocery store, to road trip adventures, and the daily rush hour commute. The dual camera (1080P Front, 720P Rear) continually records the road and connects to Cobra iRadar to warn the driver of upcoming red light cameras and speed traps. With lane departure alerts, forward collision warnings, and a suite of other safety features, Dash Cam is a must add in any car and is constantly is working to protect the driver.

Read below for some of the other products featured in mHUB’s gift list that we thought we’re innovative and exciting:

Secure Locking Systems by SkateKastle

As avid transients here at Beyond, we found the skateboard lock system by SkateKastle the perfect gift for car-less city dwellers. Locking up your bike during your commute to work or your adventures across the city is easy and common, but the same can’t be said about your skateboard. SkateKastle, founded by David Kinnich, produces secure locking systems for electric boards allowing skate boarders to lock up their boards on a typical bike rack instead of carrying them to work or class.

Cat and Human Furniture by Cat Matter

For the animal lover on your list, Cat Matter designed trendy and stylish furniture for cat owners to add to their home decor.  Cat Matter, founded by Jeff Faye, focuses on bringing pets and people closer. Shelving and furniture units are designed to provide the exercise, privacy, and height your cat needs, while ensuring your home stays organized and sophisticated. All products sold by Cat Matter offer functionality and style for you, while delivering privacy and exercise for your cat(s).

Indoor Gardening from Modern Sprout

This past summer our studio got to work on an indoor hydroponics unit for a client and we grew to love the soil-less technology and learning how to tend to this future friendly gardening solution.  For those looking to be “greener” in 2019, the Modern Sprout indoor gardening products are the perfect gift.  Thanks to hydroponics, co-founder Nick Behr and his company Modern Sprout simplifies modern gardening allowing you to grow plants and herbs right from your window sill. Whether you’re cooking or just looking for fresh air, Modern Sprout will make your home look great and smell delightful.

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