Meizu Gravity        

Meizu is the New Way to Listen to Music

May 17, 2016

Meizu – one of China’s biggest smartphone companies is releasing their first US product called Gravity, a cantilevered wireless speaker with a distinct eye-catching design. Like a Jambox or Beats Pill, it can connect to your phone via Wi-Fi connection or a companion app. It can also be connected to any device that allows for Bluetooth capability or AUX port. The one thing that caught our eye as designers was the fact that the design is eye-catching aesthetically.


The clear glass stand looks like an ice block stuck in a black bar, making the speaker look like it’s floating through mid-air. Reflecting like a prism, the song title, artist and length of the music appears like it is painted against the glass.



Meizu has a long standing relationship with audio products, not needing crowdfunding to help raise money for the speaker. However, it is more of a marketing effort on their end to build awareness to those that will want to connect with a product, rather than just throwing it in their cart from a store they visit often.


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