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Lyft Creates a Better User Experience

November 22, 2016

If you live in a metropolitan city, you’ve probably heard of Lyft: the ride-sharing company that can get you a ride somewhere in minutes, similar to Uber, that used to use the pink mustache to distinguish themselves from the competition. Well, if you’ve ever used the app, you know that it’s pretty difficult to find your ride in a sea full of cars and people. And that can put a hinder in your experience of using the service.


For many years, Lyft confronted the problem by having users put a big, pink, furry mustache on the front of their vehicles so drivers could recognize their designated driver. Then came the Glowstache, a smaller, glowing, dash-mounted version of the original ‘stache. Both helped users identify their rides from a distance, but neither helped differentiate one Lyft from another, or help drivers pick out their passengers. Be gone with the mustaches, as Lyft is introducing Amp – a two way beacon that will easily help drivers and passengers find each other with convenience and speed.


Designed to sit on a driver’ dash and illuminate during pick-up, the LED’s in the AMP display a multitude of different colors. If the driver’s AMP is glowing green, the same color will show up via your app so you know how to flag down your driver.


Drivers can also customize their greeting to match their passenger’s name or celebrate a recent sporting victory. As ride-sharing and user experience apps are becoming more developed, this is amazing opportunity for these companies to fix the glitches and make a seamless, yet intuitive design for the customers.

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