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Loop: Zero Waste Platform

February 1, 2019

Durable, reusable packaging is about to become bigger and more effective than recycling thanks to Loop.

TerraCycle, a waste management company based in New Jersey, spearheaded Loop and hopes to change the paradigm around sustainability. They introduced their Loop concept at Davos and now up to 5,000 consumers can sign up to become the first members of the reusable packaging service come spring.

This first pilot platform from Loop will be launched in global cities near New York and Paris followed by Toronto and Tokyo, among others.  The platform is backed by a string of consumer brands looking to make their products reusable, refillable, and more than just recyclable. Some of the 25 powerhouse brands invested include Tide, Axe, Coca-Cola, and Crest – all of which are eager to be some of the first participants in the refillable and reusable container company.

Through reusable packaging, consumers can get their Haagen Dazs, Crest toothpaste, and Coke delivered via UPS to them and return the empty containers to be cleaned and reused for the next user (much like an old fashioned milk man).

“Recycling is a failing industry.” – Tom Szaky, TerraCycle CEO


Loop will hopefully be a plugin for existing retailers and e-commerce sites, aiding in their sales, not cannibalizing them or competing for service. And we’ve started to see the shift away from recycling already. With craft breweries offering refillable growlers, SodaStreams popping up in kitchens, and literal milk man services becoming a revived service of dairies, reusable packaging is on the rise.

The glass and stainless steel containers will look slightly different than their usual packaging, but assuming Loop gains traction, our grocery store shelves might start to look a lot different and contain a lot less plastic.

Please note, banner and home images courtesy of Fast Company. 

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