Limited Edition Beats by Dre: Making Big Noise

October 18, 2011

Headphones today are designed to fit the needs and comforts of a range of consumers. Over the past few years, larger, over-the-ear headphones have become extremely popular. In our studio, the majority of designers who listen to music are wearing these larger headphones as opposed to earphones. They have become especially popular among celebrities as well. Skullcandy, a marketer of high-end audio enabled products, paved the way for using headphones as a fashion statement with the number and range of designs they offer.

Most recently, we saw Monster Cable’s new beats by Dr. Dre headphones with their limited edition colors—and they look pretty sweet. They are said to reproduce the intricacies produced in the studio better than any other headphone on the market. We also like how they fold up nicely and take up less room.

“People aren’t hearing all the music. Artists and producers work hard in the studio perfecting their sound. But people can’t really hear it with normal headphones. Most headphones can’t handle the bass, the detail, and the dynamics. Bottom line, the music doesn’t move you.

With Beats, people are going to hear what the artists hear, and listen to the music the way they should: the way I do.” —Dr. Dre

With the increased trend towards larger-sized headphones, it definitely creates an opportunity for design firms to introduce color, lifestyle, and fashion into a product such as this. In the case with beats by Dre, we also think the branding is pretty great with the simple logo and placement on the headphone.

Very cool product that we hope to check out soon! You can read more about the product here.

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