Learning to Sketch on a Cintiq at Beyond Design [Session 5.0]

June 26, 2013

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The sketching session proved to be a favorite among the students. It might have been because they got to use high-tech equipment they’d never even heard of before, or because it gave them a chance to see what a real-life working design environment is like. Either way, they loved it.

“One of my favorite experiences was going to the Beyond Design studio to see the actual working environment and draw on the Cintiq.”

“My favorite experience was seeing the planned project come to life on the computer screen.”

The students were taught basic drawing skills and were introduced to the concept of an underlay that they could use to create their own designs. The class spent the morning at our studio practicing sketching their product ideas on a Cintiq and/or on paper.

They discovered how to effectively communicate their ideas through sketching and explore form and function. In addition, it gave them the opportunity to work with new equipment and see how designers create things in the real-world.

“I learned about new technology used to enhance product design.”

Team Lucky 7 practices sketching on the Cintiq.

dig-8 students at Beyond Design

Explaining underlays to dig-8 students.

A student in dig-8 practices sketching her idea on the Cintiq.

The Magic Innovators draw their ideas on paper before moving to a Cintiq.

Mentors help students work with different features on the Cintiq.

Teams discover how to effectively communicate their ideas through sketching.

Andrea, a mentor from NU, talks with her students about their idea.

The students were given the opportunity to work with equipment they had never used before.

The final design that was chosen to move forward is currently on Kickstarter. While we have already met our goal (thanks to all those who have donated!), any funding above this goal will go back into the program and help spread SEE and dig-8 to more students and more schools!

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