Lane Tech Robotics Team Prepares for Robotics Challenge

January 23, 2013

A few weeks ago we mentioned that we are sponsoring the Lane Tech Robotics Team in their first Robotics Challenge (see story here). For the past two weeks, the team has been working on building the robot for this competition and we wanted to share their progress.

The group is divided into teams and includes a Specialty team, Programming team, Electronics team, and a Drive Train team. These past two weeks, the Specialty team mapped out the structure of the robot, finalized the dimensions for the shooter, and made a parts list for the climbing mechanism. The Programming Team collaborated with the Electronics Team to get the motors running, and experimented with the axis camera to determine how they will use it to target. The Drive Train Team succeeded in mounting the motors on the chassis to complete some preliminary testing. Sounds like a busy two weeks!

We’re looking forward to seeing the final design. You can check out some photos of the team at work below.

Robotics Challenge

Lane Tech Builds Robot

Up Down