A Touchless Toilet        

Kohler Introduces a Toilet Without a Lever

October 6, 2014

One of the most germ-filled items to touch is a toilet seat handle. We’ve all been in contact or have tried to avoid flushing a toilet, either by using the end of our shirt or ripping off a piece of toilet paper if the toilet does not flush on its own. Alas, Kohler has designed a toilet for those who want to experience the no-touch flushing at home.


The new version of Kohler’s Cimarron toilet flushes when you wave your hand above the sensor on the top of the tank lid. What’s great about this toilet is that Kohler designed it so that there’s no separate lever to collect germs or an external button to set off a manual flush for backup purposes. The lid comes right off to flush manually.


Along with the toilet, Kohler is selling a Touchless Flush kit that can fit most existing toilets, with a canister or flapper flush. Their claim is that it is a do-it-yourself project and will take about 20 minutes to install. By choosing to go touchless, Kohler is providing end users with a less expensive toilet than others, but enhances the idea of class and a more sanitary experience, while being low-tech.

kohler-touchless-toilet-kit1 We love the idea of Kohler designing a toilet that provides users a more clean way of using an every day necessity. The clean, sleek, contemporary and evolutionary feel makes Kohler a leading innovator in the design industry. For more information, check out Kohler’s website here and visit our website to check out more of our work here.

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