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What If Kids Had the Power to Design Currency?

November 21, 2014

What if children had the power to design currency? When it comes to their persuasion and tenacity, children do have quite a significant say in what their parents buy, regardless of the product. Earlier this year, a bank in Norway decided to hold a design competition for the future currency of their country. The theme that they wanted to stick to was “The Sea”, but had freedom other than that. Eight designers made it to the final round, with one design firm winning with one side being traditional, while the other being more modern.

However, designer and co-founder of Yokoland, Aslak Gurholt Ronson, had an idea when it came to designing this currency: have kids design Norwegian money. His belief is that both sides create and contain a structural and conceptual difference. He states that kids are the future and with a democratic system with equal opportunities, kids should have a central place in that idealogy.




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