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KegSmarts: The World’s Smartest Kegerator

February 17, 2015


If you’re a beer lover, then this product is for you. PicoBrew invented KegSmarts, the world’s first smart craft beer kegerator. Nothing beats fresh draft beer on tap and this is the perfect solution to brewing beer in your own home. You can control the amount, supply and the environmental impact making this a successful solution to creating what you love to drink.


Usually, it is hard to tell what kind of beer is being served by a kegerator. Labels are communicated properly and the handles are a generic black color, that allows for no decoration or individuality. In addition, how do you know what and how much you’re drinking if it is from a keg? It isn’t an uncommon question when someone asks, what beer am I drinking or how much can this hold?


KegSmarts allows you to locate new beers for your kegerator, host your own “brewhouse” online, see the temperature and how much you have left, read tasting notes and reviews, along with writing them. You can even notify your friends when you put a new beer on tap. All of this is controlled by a microprocessor that has an OLED display for easy communication. Along with connecting to the internet, you can make your own personal account at to keep all of your information together.


Here at Beyond Design, we love our beer. There’s nothing better than kicking your feet up after a long day’s work and enjoying a nice cold one. We love this idea of crafting your own beer, at your own choice. Who wouldn’t want to do that? This design, through the Kickstarter program, will be an amazing opportunity to create an item that will create plenty of buzz and interest. Crafting beers is a new fad these days and we don’t see it going out of style any time soon. To read more on KegSmarts and/or donate, please click here.

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