Cutback Case Helps Kick Smoking Habit        

Pre-Commit to Quit

March 15, 2018

Thinking of quitting smoking? Was your 2018 resolution to get healthier and kick your smoking habit? Cutback Case is your first step in cutting back! We’re here to help put an end to smoking one cigarette at a time.

Cutback + Beyond
Cutback Case is a time locked cigarette dispensing case that Beyond Design worked on with entrepreneurs and engineers Joe Wegrzyn, Ricardo Rivero, and Will Kozerski. Allowing access to only one cigarette at a time during a pre-selected time interval (30 minute increments), the Cutback Case is a new product developed to aid people in their efforts to quit smoking.

The Cutback Case fits conveniently in a clutch or back pocket

Cutback Case utilizes a pre-commitment approach to kicking the habit. It’s the notion of committing to a smart choice now, when you know you’ll be tempted by a bad choice later. The Cutback Team came up with this idea for a pre-commitment approach to quit smoking after several failed “cold turkey “ attempts of their own. With Beyond’s help they created a solution to help people that struggle with temptation and willpower just like they did.

Early concept sketches for the Cutback Case

Crowdfunding for Cutback
Cutback Case is launching a 40 day crowdfunding campaign on INDIEGOGO starting APRIL, 6th 2018 in hopes of raising enough money to start production.

How the campaign works: Cutback Case will be running a perks/rewards based campaign for their generous backers. Similar to Kickstarter, contributors will receive certain incentives for helping back the product. For example, some incentives include: early bird discounts on the case, recognition on their website as a backer, and the guarantee that Cutback will be donating a portion of all contributions to the American Lung Association.

Being a backer of a new product isn’t only financially based though. Helping spread the word on social media, telling colleagues, friends and family are just as important to a new product as funding is. Any support is kindly appreciated and makes a difference.  Check out Cutback’s Indiegogo preview page and video of the Cutback Case here.


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