It’s here…the new iPhone 4S!

October 5, 2011

As designers, we can’t help but love anything and everything Apple. A few of us in the studio are especially excited to check out the new iPhone 4S that was just released yesterday. While the design doesn’t look much different than the current model, we read some reviews and there seem to be several changes that can be found under the hood—including its new dual-core A5 processor. The camera on the iPhone 4 is amazing, but from what we’ve heard, the 4S camera improvements might just put the old camera to shame (another reason we can’t wait to check it out). The one thing we’re really interested in testing on the new phone is Siri—a voice command and dictation app that Apple has deeply integrated it into the fabric of the new phone.

“Siri is unique in the fact that you can ask it familiar, natural language questions like “show me movie theaters in the area” and it will return a real, readable answer and a list sorted by proximity. You can also say things like “wake me up at 6AM,” and it will set your alarm. But basic tasks like that are only half the story.”
—The Washington Post

And, we can’t forget to mention that the iPhone 4S is now available to Sprint customers…finally! This provides a much larger market for Apple’s newest product. Check out a full review of the iPhone 4S here.

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