Is Your Computer Keyboard Dirtier than a Toilet Seat?

November 30, 2011

We saw an article a few weeks ago on Design Taxi and couldn’t help but think of the BuzzBrush®. The article, titled Did You Know: Computer Keyboards Five Times Dirtier than Toilet Seats?, points out the most disgusting electronic items that we use every day.

Considering how often we come into contact with keyboards, it’s not a surprise that the keys and spaces in between are a convenient haven for bacteria and other microbes. The BuzzBrush® was derived from the need to not only clean the top surface of your keyboard, but also reach in between and under the keys to remove lint and dust. The statistics are surprising, including that keyboards are 5x dirtier than a toilet seat—150x over the acceptable limit for bacteria levels. The chart below (from Design Taxi) explains it all.

Don’t forget to wash your hands…and go pick up a BuzzBrush®!

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