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iPhone 8 to Curb Your Hunger for iPhone X

September 22, 2017

With the iPhone X on the heels of the 8, the buzz around the launch was subdued compared to past releases as the phone hit shelves today. Last week was the official unveiling at Steve Jobs Theater (read more about the theater and HQ here) along with the next generation of watches – The Apple Watch 3. The 8 has a few adjustments from the 7, including a new glass design, higher camera shutter speed, water and dust resistant, and, of course, is released a month before the enticing X.

Image source: Apple.

The 7 is the more practical and economical upgrade for users not wanting to pay upwards of $1000 in November. The 8 also gives a smooth transition from the 7, lacking in any severe changes both in style and iOS. While the iPhone X will introduce the (skeptical) face recognition feature…So weather you choose to mosey into Apple this weekend for the 8 or wait in snaking lines IRL or online, the next line of smartphones is ready.

The iPhone 8 also has a wireless charging function. Image Source:

Image source: Apple.

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