iOS vs Android in 2013

February 5, 2013

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Keeping with an ongoing trend, Android solidified its global smart phone dominance versus iOS in the fourth quarter and for all of 2012, according to Strategy Analytics.

During the fourth quarter, iOS share fell to 22% from 23.6% a year earlier. Meanwhile, Android rose to 70.1% from 51.3%. For all of 2012, iOS nudged up to 19.4% from 19% a share, while Android reached 68.4%, up from 48.7%. (Statistics from

Below are the some predections/rumors that Apple’s iOS will regain the market share for 2013 (some of these can be found here.

1. Low-Cost iPhone: Ealier this month, the Wall Street Journal reported the Apple is preparing to release a cheaper version of the iPhone. The move would allow Apple to penetrate emerging markets where cheaper handsets are more prevalent.

2. iPhone 5S: Expected to be launched in June, the follow up to the iPhone 5 will feature multiple color options and be available in two different sizes.

3. iPhone Math: There’s also speculation that Apple is developing a new-larger screen smartphone which could be released in 2014. The new phone is trying to compete directly with Samsung Galaxy which features a larger 4.8-inch screen display (however, according to one of our recent blog posts, this is only a rumor).

4. What is the next big innovative product from Apple? I hope it’s not just the premium priced iPad (128gb instead of 64gb) that launched last week. If you remember when Apple released the first iPad, it was 2001 and there aren’t many changes to the new one.

5. The next new ‘Wow’ product in Apples pipeline, possibly an iTV.

There are millions of Apple and Android lovers out there, so we will see how these predictions/rumors play out in the upcoming year. You can check out the smart phone market share for Q4 in 2011 and 2012 below. To read more on this story, click here.

Chart from (Android Stomps All Over iOS)

Written by: Sean Kim, Manager of Industrial Design, Beyond Design

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