Introducing Industrial Design to Engineering Students at Northwestern

December 6, 2011

This past weekend a few designers from our team gave an introductory presentation to the EDI (Engineering Design and Innovation) students at Northwestern University about Industrial Design and, more specifically, about our proprietary 4XD process at Beyond Design.

TJ Kim, the former Director of NPD at Beyond, was a graduate of the program and eventually became a part-time faculty member for the EDI program. Our team was asked by Dan Brown and Kim Hoffman, faculty members at Northwestern, to present our process and capabilities in order to expose the students to the professional side of human centered design. Many of the students have a background in mechanical engineering, but few of the students had been directly involved with the design process prior to entering graduate school.

As a result of the meeting, our team is organizing a weekend workshop with the EDI students to further their exposure to the design process and its various stages (sketching, CAD, prototyping, etc). It was a great session for our team and we look forward to continuing our relationship with Northwestern and their EDI program.

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