Instapaper is Now Accessible for Free

November 4, 2016

Instapaper, a simple yet brilliant tool for saving webpages to read later via your iPhone, iPad, Android, computer or Kindle, is now available for free. Since acquired by Pinterest, the ever so popular site for those that love to pin items to their virtual boards, all users can access everything for no additional cost. For those that have paid for a yearly subscription, a pro-rated refund will be sent back to them.


The app, which allows users to save articles that they find interesting to read later, has always been free to use but specific features like text-to-speech playlists and the ability to search within previously saved articles has been specifically used by paid subscribers. Subscriptions costs were $2.99 a month, or $29.99 for the year. Not too expensive, but who doesn’t want to use a free app?


Before Pinterest acquired the company, Instapaper relied heavily on subscriptions and advertising to keep the business up and running. Now, that Pinterest took over, they have the ability to allow all users not to pay for a single article they read and save.


For now, the company doesn’t plan on changing any aspects of the app and users will continue to receive updates and new features as they come.

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