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Instagram’s Engineering: Simple and Efficient

June 26, 2015

When Instagram first hit the application market back in October of 2010, it was a two person team. Now – it has become a phenomenon where everyone has to post their latest photos to their account on not only a daily basis, but a hourly basis. This app is a perfect example of how the minute it was created became an international sensation. Back in 2012, Facebook acquired the company for $1 billion, having a team of about 100 engineers on staff. In the beginning, Instagram remained famous for the small amount of people that worked for them, considering the amount of users that use the application.

Guess how many users there are? 300 million with 700 images per day!


Instagram’s main goal is to keep it simple, not getting caught up in the ruckus that most applications face on a consistent basis. Creating and inspiring creativity for users is the purpose of the app, while sharing what they love with others. The system they use rolls out new codes 50 times a year, releasing updates to a set of users at a time, limiting the number of technical issues that they could face.


Over the last six months, new tools have been created, along with photo filters that users can choose from. While creating these new tools and filters, engineers are encouraged to talk to one another on a daily basis, figuring out new ways to improve Instagram. The new search and explore feature is popular for those who just want to browse Instagram – great idea.

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