Inspiration from Fashion Trends

September 20, 2012

As creative professionals, we are drawn to all different types of design – from product design and interior design to fashion design. With summer coming to an end, and the weather cooling down I thought we could take a look at one of the new fall fashion trends this year: denim. Although denim has never really gone out of style, it is the way that we wear denim that is changing.

One trend to be on the lookout for is cropped jeans. Instead of having your pant come all the way to your ankle, or be just below your knee as in capris, you can expect to see jeans cut right above the ankle. This cut helps to lengthen the leg, especially when paired with heels.

Cropped Jeans (photo from

Another trend may give some people flashbacks to the eighties. That’s right, double denim is back. Luckily for us, the double denim look has changed in the last 20 years. It is now about mixing different washes and shades of denim to avoid being too matching.

Double Denim (photo from

A few other denim trends that you can expect to see are: western influenced denim pieces, jean jackets, colored jeans, and ripped denim.

Our team is continually on the lookout for design inspiration and this just might be a fashion trend that helps us to design products that fit into a particular market niche. You can read more on the denim trend here.

Written By: Marissa Caniano, Administrative Assistant

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