Inspiration for UI and UX Design

August 24, 2012

In one of our previous posts on UI and UX, we discuss the differences between the two and how important it is to understand these differences in product development. As more and more products and services are becoming operated beneath a layer of glass and user expectations for an experience heighten, our team at Beyond Design is continuously looking for inspiration and ways in which we can create a better user experience through design. Making logical and intuitive interfaces that create a positive experience is paramount in today’s design world.

UI and UX on Pinterest

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With Pinterest being such a great site to share your interests and hobbies, it also makes it a great place to find inspiration on any given project. In this case, there are a number of different ‘boards’ that share UI and UX designs, but I wanted to share this board because it includes so many cool examples. Inspiration can really be found anywhere.

Written By: Mickey McCann, Industrial Designer

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