Incorporating Physics into Product Design

July 10, 2012

Series of Designs (Photo from

Acquacalda, an Italian design group, works in experimental design and uses applied art with the intent to communicate and develop themes to gather and show connections. They recently developed a series of houseware products – including a wine server, bowls, and vases – that have different uses, but share a common language.

As it says on their website, “Applied physics for design has led to direct design solutions particularly tangible and useful, allowing to transform everyday objects into scientific instrumentation.”

One of our favorites is the wine dispenser, coined “One for all, all for one”. It allows gravity to do the work for you and pours four glasses of wine simultaneously and uniformly.

One for all, all for one (Photo from

Another design, Archimede’s Scale, is a floating bowl that weighs your food using water in your sink. The depth of immersion indicates the weight of the content.

Archimede's Scale (Photo from

Other pieces include a self-watering plant and a “communicating vase” that constantly shows you the level of water remaining through a transparent handle.

Vasco (Photo from

Each product they have designed uses a physical principle in an obvious, yet creative, way. Their designs would definitely make for good conversation pieces. To read more about the group and their products, click here.

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