2018 IHHS Part 2        

2018 IHHS Part 2

March 29, 2018

As promised, here is Issue 2 of our International Home + Housewares highlights! We still couldn’t cover all of the show, but please read our follow up to last week’s coverage. Keep an eye out for our next article and show recap in April. Enjoy!

Souv Vide + Storage
Vacuvita’s line of storage systems are versatile and cutting edge. Their patented technology ensures food stays fresh in the sensor locked containers. Vacuvita also has sous vide resealable bags perfect for long term storage or preserving all the flavors while simmering.

Sicily + Smegg Crossover
Smegg joined forces with fashion powerhouse Dolce and Gabbana for a striking debut of beautifully designed and Sicilian inspired interpretations of their kitchenware. Originally unveiled at the Milan Design Fair, the ‘Sicily is My Love’ collaboration includes small appliances (like the $600 toaster below) as well as fridges painted with decorative fruits all unique to Sicilian artists.

Hydrate With Hydaway
Hydaway’s solution to bulky water bottles and wasteful plastic is their collapsible engineered hinge design. The foldable bottle collapses on itself while remaining watertight. Hydaway is certified safe and BPA-free ensuring a clean and hydrating taste. The bottles come in bundles and travel packs and an assortment of fun colors like Fire red, Bamboo green, and Tangerine orange (below) .

Coffee With a Side of VR
We took to the Wired + Well floor for a pick-me-up at Nespresso’s booth where we tried out their coffee capsules and got to digitally tour their coffee process by way of VR. The “multi-sensory” experience shows the consumer where their cup of Nespresso started as a bean in Columbia. We also saw the Gourmia brand coffee makers that integrate smart assistant technology and Oxo’s cold brew machines.  Director of Design, Sean Kim, takes a “tour” of where the Nespresso coffee bean began.

Boil + Brew Portable Mugs
Cauldryn Fyre Mobile is the battery charged tumbler that incorporates vacuum insulation to keep liquids piping hot the entire day. The mug has Boil, Brew, Extra Hot, and Hot modes perfect for sterilizing water or keeping coffee at the perfect temperature.

Combekk Comes Back to Holland
Ironically enough, the dutch oven industry only has one brand that is produced in the Netherlands. Combekk takes the Netherlands tradition and cooking technique back home with their line of high quality ovens branded with the true origin. The Rails Edition are fully enameled cast iron ovens made entirely from recycled materials and stamped with ‘Made In Holland’.

Stylish + Practical
JosephJoseph always has an eye catching display of kitchen gadgets and tools. A nifty addition to your utensil arsenal is the 3-in-1 Tri-Peeler. The three blades are perfect for straight, julienne, and soft fruits and are easily switched out of their rotating head into the ergonomic handle . An added function is the integrated potato eye remover.

Ultra Violet
Pantone’s pick for color of the year was the dreamy purple: Ultra Violet. Described as “dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade,” it takes on the presence of Prince and David Bowie. “Nuanced and full of emotion, the depth of Pantone 18-3838 Ultra Violet symbolizes experimentation and non-conformity, spurring individuals to imagine their unique mark on the world, and push boundaries through creative outlets.”

Sovaro Cooler Collection
Sovaro’s high end line of coolers, grills, and barware all are designed with elegance and class, perfect for yachts, rooftops, and event hosting. The hard sided coolers (seen below, both opened and closed) come in 30, 45, and 70 quart options as well as an optional unique cork insulation. The natural insulator is perfect for keeping craft beer and wine chilled while deterring any mold or mildew caused by moisture. Sovaro’s soft sided backpack coolers and shatterproof stemless wine glasses also make picnicking a stylish and mess free experience.

We had a great time at the Housewares Show again this year and are looking forward to all the designs and trends of 2019! Please visit our website for more show recaps and highlights and drop us a note with any comments.

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