IDSA Midwest District Conference 2013

April 25, 2013

Last weekend, hundreds of students, designers, and other business professionals attended the IDSA Midwest District Conference in Indiana. Over the three-day event, a number of influential speakers shared their stories and experiences with a crowd of nearly 300. I had a chance to review some students’ work and was impressed with the level of detail they put into the research and strategy side of design, as well as their CAD development (most students used SolidWorks).

It was an exciting weekend for one of our past interns, Alisa Rantanen, who received the IDSA Merit Award at the University of Notre Dame. The projects she showed in her presentation were completed between her sophomore and senior years, and ranged from a simple final project (FulFill) to her senior thesis (Amber). The poster she used also includes her IHA Student Competition entry (ReServe) and a corporate sponsored project (Stratus).

Alisa receiving her award

Alisa Rantanen's IDSA Poster of Work

“My work runs the spectrum from manufacturable to conceptual, and I’ve enjoyed having the opportunity to explore both approaches to design,” says Alisa. You can view Alisa’s portfolio here.

We look forward to the IDSA International Conference that will be held in Chicago in August!

Michael Prince, President, Beyond Design, Inc.

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