IDSA Chapter of ISU Visits Beyond Design

October 17, 2011

Last Friday, around fifty students from the IDSA chapter of Iowa State University visited our studio for a tour of our building and to check out what we do here at Beyond Design. Michael Prince gave a presentation to the students that highlighted our work and proprietary 4XD process. It’s important for students to understand what goes into the design of a product or service beyond just the aesthetic work—specifically the research and strategy behind each project. Both of these areas, design research and strategy, are fundamental aspects of our development process at Beyond Design.

The students had several questions for us that ranged from how our office works (the number of employees, interns, hiring process, etc.) to questions about our research and design process. They showed a lot of enthusiasm toward the field of industrial design and spent time speaking with our designers and checking out some projects we are working on. We always encourage students to visit our studio and see what product development in the real-world is all about. Thanks to all those who visited! We hope you enjoyed your weekend in Chicago!

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