IDEX and Lane Tech        

IDEX Corporation Invests in Lane Tech High School

May 12, 2015

IDEX Foundation presented Lane Tech High School, a Chicago Public School with a $25,000 donation to support them on creating the school’s first “Maker’s Lab”. The lab is an extension of the school’s STEM program, designed to prepare students for post-secondary schooling and their career in the world of science – specifically in engineering and mathematics.


Damir Ara, friend of Michael Prince and Vice Principal of Lane Tech, stated that the makerbot movement has seen “rapid gains in momentum in nearly every industry…and that this donation will be designed to fit around Lane’s new Innovation and Creation Lab”. In addition, Michael Prince received an email from him saying thank you for the introduction to IDEX Corporation and Shirley Drazba, who is seen with him in the picture below.


The STEM program focuses on preparing students for their competitive future and IDEX is coming along side of Lane Tech to provide students an opportunity to learn from mentors through a long-term partnership. IDEX Foundation’s President, Art Laszlo stated “Our engineers and product design experts have much to offer the students and to support the good work of the educators. Sharing the time and talent of our employees is part of our values and the IDEX culture.” – IDEX Press Release

We want to say thank you to IDEX Corporation for making this possible for Lane Tech High School. As an industrial design firm in the city of Chicago, Beyond Design is happy for the students that want to have a career in science and engineering and this is a great step in the right direction for them.

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