IBM Imagines Our Future in 5 Years

January 2, 2013

“IBM guesses at innovations that will change the world inside the next half a decade, and much of it requires computers that work like your brain.”

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“Most interesting of all, IBM predicts that brainlike tech, including chips that can rewire themselves to “learn” in a way resembling how the human brain makes connections between neurons, can be shrunk so small that a cognitive computer with human brainlike power could fit into a roughly shoebox-size container. Which means it could even be incorporated into robots.”
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The core technologies that IBM says its cognitive computing will improve are all about the five senses – from being able to communicate a sense of touch through your smartphone to identifying tastes that will work best with each other at a molecular level. Five years may not seem like a long time in your world, but in the world of advanced technology it is a very long time. What would you think if your hardware shared your senses?

You can read more on the story on Fast Company or get extensive details on IBM’s site here. Check out the video below for a more extensive look at “cognitive computing” and how it might affect our five senses.

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