How Has Industrial Design Impacted Your Life?

July 8, 2011

How has the discipline of industrial design impacted the way you lead your life? First declared in 2007 on The International Council of Societies of Industrial Design’s (Icsid) 50th anniversary, World Industrial Design Day is celebrated each year on June 29th, and was established to promote awareness of the profession of industrial design.

Founded in 1957, Icsid is a non-profit organization that serves as a unified voice of over 50 nations through which members can express their views and be heard on an international platform. Since its inception, Icsid has continued to develop its wide-reaching network of students and professionals devoted to the recognition, success and growth of the industrial design community.

To celebrate World Industrial Design Day 2011, design students from Icsid member schools were asked to create a poster that illustrates how industrial design improves the lives of individuals and communities around the world. The theme was “Industrial Design: How does it improve your life?” Two graphic design students from Chile were this year’s winners.

It’s always interesting to get outside perspectives and see how others view the ways in which industrial design improves their social, economic, cultural, and ecological ways of life. It helps us as designers have a newfound pride in our profession.

The winning poster, as well as the finalists, are shown below.

“What is meant in this poster is the dynamic that is in industrial design, that they are so varied, finding many forms of expression, giving way to new ways and using different media of expression. The visual weight in the first instance comes from the top right and it is this point where these clips focus ideas, which are gradually taking different paths, and even scattered but not misleading. This allows a variety of options to act, that would come to be the opportunities offered by the industrial design through its breadth, covering many people who want to make changes in this area.”

“This communicates that the difficulty of living without design is demonstrated by a dark space in time, and living with design by our side is revealed with the fulfillment, tranquility and satisfaction of our society, which is perceived by the colorful growth outside the obscurity.”

“My aim and theme of this poster is to encourage the awareness of simple and everyday objects, such as a ball point pen. People don’t always notice these basic, yet life changing designs that are used all around the globe. The imagery also reflects the continuous design process and the aim towards improvement and clever, practical design solutions.”

“R. Buckminster Fuller is one of my most inspirational designers, and the reason that I decided to use him in my poster’s concept, is that he fits perfectly in line with my views on how industrial design improves my life. It Sheds Light on all aspects of life; techniques and technologies produced through and because of industrial design has brought to “light” many important issues, at the same time paving the way for new possibilities.”

“This communicates the origin of the general design. It’s a vital part of the design, the observation of our environment and the analysis of the key concepts, in order that these form the base that they will allow us to transform our ideas of a sketch into a material product.”

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