How Does Design Influence New Business?

March 2, 2012


The world is changing and products and things are becoming more and more interconnected. Design helps to manage complexity and is playing a larger role in new business today. A documentary, set to be released online March 6th, titled “Design the New Business” speaks about how design is influencing new business. It is similarly in-line with the whole “design thinking” boom from the last few years, but it takes a fresh look at the issue and features some interesting outlooks.

Erik Roscam Abbing, the film’s creator, says “I got more and more interested in how new design approaches are helping large organizations deal with complex issues. I saw product-driven companies work to make the transition to a more service-dominant logic. I saw technology-centered companies aspiring to become more human-centered, with technology as enabler. And I saw large companies struggle with the agility and entrepreneurial spirit that is required for relevant innovation.”

The documentary was filmed by Zilver Innovation and six design students from Strategic Product Design at TU Delft – Erik van Bergen, Esra Gokgoz, Gunjan Singh, Juan David Martin, Marta Ferreira de Sá, and Miguel Melgarejo.

You can read more detail on the filming here.

Submitted By: Patrick Nally, Industrial Designer

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